Where To Find Crew and Talent For Your Video Production Company

Reason Why You Might Need to Find Crew or Talent For Your Video Production

  • Maybe you ran your existing pool through our three part test and they didn’t all make the cut
  • You have an shoot with talent and need to find more options
  • That out-of-town shoot is coming up and you need to find someone to crew it locally
  • Or maybe you’re just at a point that you’re ready to grow your company from a solo operator to a 2-3 person team and take on more projects, or the larger projects that can’t be shot alone

Whatever the reason, by now you’ve realized that who you work with is important and that you need more of them – it’s now time to start the search.

For better or worse the market is awash with options to find crew and talent to hire (or to list yourself for hire). Below is a list of links to the various networks that you can use to build up your crew and/or talent pool.

Websites Where You Can Find Crew and Talent

  • Shoots.Video — Find crew, talent and even other production companies. Great if you want to find crew in a specific role or a production company to contract for an out of town shoot or even list your own company on their network. Their goal is to get production companies and videographers on the front page of SEO (through their network) when someone searches “video production” in the town they need to hire.
  • Industry Jump
  • MakeCreate.co
  • vidproduce
  • Creativepool

Websites Where You Can Specifically Find Crew for Your Video Productions

Websites Where You Can Specifically Find Talnet for Your Video Productions

Once you’ve added them to your team be sure to save them to your Pipeline Resources. Simply add them to a project and they will be saved to a resource.


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