Video Production Project Management Software for Budgeting.Scheduling.Callsheets.Contracts.

Pipeline is the business-first solution to video production management for your entire team.

Every Tool You Need to Run Your Video Production Operation

Pipeline is video production project management software that makes it easier and more profitable to run your video production operation - all while keeping your whole team together and in-sync.

Task Workflows

Repeatable task trees for speedy setup


Simple, visual budgeting for better profitability

Call Sheets

Fully integrated content - never double-enter info again


Build your crew, talent, and location database


Built for quickly getting projects off the ground and handling mid-flight changes

Contracts & Documents

Merge your account and project information directly into document templates

Every View You Need to Stay on Top of the Action

See All Your Projects from 30,000 ft

On the account dashboard, all of your projects, tasks, conversations, and shoot days are rolled up into one view.

Custom Dashboards for Different Team Members

Owners and admins can toggle between all company info, or just their info. Company seat members only see what they've been assigned.

Track Projects Through Phases

As your projects progress, move them through different phase groups to stay on top of the action.

Production Schedule at a Glance

See what tasks are coming up, what ones are overdue at glance.

The Project Timeline

The ultimate guide for everything possible in Pipeline. Scroll down the project timeline to see at-a-glance project information and inspiration, documents, crew and talent. This is where you can access all the features: call sheets, shotlist and budgets. Use everything in the project timeline or collapse sections to see only items that apply to each project.

Compare Project Schedules

Within each project scheduling view, you can pull up other projects to see how your overall picture is meshing.

Check for Resource Allocations

Selections on the right of the scheduler allow you to toggle each crew person to see where you've overlapped their resources at a single glance.

Shareable Schedules

Each schedule is shareable in multiple formats as a single link. You can choose whether to password protect the schedule or not.

Everybody You Need to be Included

When you sign up for Pipeline, nobody gets left behind. We offer unlimited users so everyone in your organization has a seat at the table with no ``gotcha`` pricing when projects start to expand.

Crew Resources

Keep track of what positions your crew prefers, what they typically get paid, personnel files and more.

Talent Resources

Start building out your own private talent pool. Each talent resource can include photos, videos, documents and personnel files.

Location Resources

Keep track of vital location information to use and re-use on your shoots. Includes contact info, nearest hospitals, and more.

Integrated Conversations

Stay in touch with your team on vital status updates via integrated chat.

Perfect for any kind of video organization.


We help production companies create and manage growth - sanely.


We help agencies create, or better manage, a new revenue center.


We give in-house a base of operations within their organization.

Every Dollar Accounted For

Making more money doing what you love is actually as easy as better budgeting...

Budget Fast

You only win the jobs you have time to bid on. Thanks to templates and integrations, Pipeline makes it easier to go after jobs with way less effort.

Budget Carefully

Budget gotchas are costly and look bad. Pipeline's templates keep you out of trouble, even when you're moving at production speed.

Budget Together

With unlimited users, and powerful access controls, you can get input and approvals from the team members you want, while keeping out the team members you don't.
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Every Deal a Document

Document builder provides drag and drop contract building tools integrated with your project data.

Drag and Drop From Project Data

Build statement of work, crew deals, and creative briefs based on templates using data dragged in from your account and project.

Revisions in Minutes

Documents allows for multiple revisions of any document for quick processing.

Controlled Access

Pipeline offers multiple levels of permissions so you can control which of your team can access your documents.

Every Workflow Customizable & Repeatable

Introducing workflows. A better way to NOT re-invent the wheel with each project.

Workflows Get Projects Started in Seconds

Workflows are groups of tasks, ordered that you often perform. This could be an entire project template, or just a part of a project, like Creative Tasks.

Create Workflows Anywhere

You can make, and deploy workflows in the Tasks Table, or the Gantt or Calendar scheduling views.

Workflows Can Be Deliverables

You can also make workflows into deliverables for certain types of post-production tasks that you repeat again and again.

Every Detail a Home

Pipeline has you covered on the small things that take up all of your time.

Talent Management

Organize and filter talent by role for each project. Share a customized list of talent with your client.

Shotlist Builder

Quickly build shotlists to use on your call sheets, or to share with your client and production team before the shoot.

And a Call Sheet Where Everything Comes Together

Pipeline's custom call sheet builder brings all of your data to one place for sharing with your team.

100% Integrated

Unlike other call sheet software, Pipeline's Call Sheet builder is deeply integrated with the other parts of the app like your crew, talent, locations and more. You can sync project and account items with a single click saving you hours of call sheet prep time.

Easily Shareable

Share your call sheet via .pdf or html for mobile devices. Pipeline provides a single link for each shoot day you can forward to your team that updates whenever you do.

Fully Customizable

Pipeline's Call Sheet Builder allows you to customize nearly every aspect of your shoot day and decide what you show, and what you don't depending on how granular you'd like to be for any given shoot.

Pricing Starting at $9.99/mo. for Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Users


Single User, $39.00/mo
Unlimited Users

Here's What People Are Saying

Pipeline really hits that sweet spot...helping manage ALL the steps involved from creative to final delivery.

Excellent team!!! 🏆
Chris DonaldsonMoment.film

The main way Pipeline has helped us grow our business…
…is, honestly, just organizing our business.”

I love Pipeline 😍
Cole HeilbornePortside Productions

An hour ahead of schedule. I love Pipeline!!

Wilson LargeOne World Productions