Why should I invite seats to my account?

  • You need to invite seats in order for others to open projects in your account.
  • Seats can be assigned tasks in your account and leave comments on tasks.

How do I control what my seats see?

  • The first control is whether you invite as an “admin” or a “non-admin” seat.
  • Admins can see and control everything; equivalent to the account owner.
  • Non-admins do not see much by default and have to be granted access to specific projects. Within projects non-admins can be given all access, staff access or day player access. Read more about the project specific access levels for non-admins below:


  • Good for Executive Producers, Project Managers, Producers
  • Can do and see everything within project.

Staff Access

  • Good for Editors, Motion Graphics, DPs
  • Sees the project overview, schedule, tasks, and talent
  • Able to update their own tasks’ status
  • View and send notes
  • Google calendar task notifications

Day Player Access

  • Good for PAs, Grips
  • Sees shoot day info on Personal Dashboard
  • Sees info on their own tasks
  • Google calendar task notifications
  • CANNOT open the project

No Access / Unassigned / Not added to project

  • No service.

What happens if I don’t invite someone as a seat?

  • Not inviting someone as a seat is totally a valid option.
  • You can add a name to your project (or resources) and have it just stay there as a crew record. It will still export on your call sheet as will any contact info you have saved to their crew record.
  • Alternatively you can do an “Invite as Day Player” which will invite them to Pipeline. However: just like a seat-level day player they will not be able to open a project. Further they cannot be assigned tasks. We recommend if you’re on our “Creator & Friends” plan with unlimited seats that you invite people as a seat and grant them at least day player access instead of “Invite as Day Player” so that you can assign these crew tasks.