A tour of the Schedule interface

Choosing Calendar Styles

By default, when you click on Schedule you’ll be opening up the Gantt view calendar. Click on the cog icon in the top right corner to change to calendar view. Scheduling works basically the same regardless of which calendar you’re using. You can also choose to view your calendar in List View from this cog. Note, List View is read only but is easy to grab an RTF of to share via an email to your team or client. 

Unscheduled Project Tasks

At the top left of the calendar view are Unschedule Project Tasks. These are tasks you may have created elsewhere in the app that do not have start dates. You can drag any of these tasks to the calendar to schedule them. You can also drag tasks from the calendar to this box to unschedule, but not delete them. 

Schedule or Select View

You can choose the Scheduling Tools which allow you to drag tasks to the calendars, or you choose the Select option to select which projects, task groups, deliverables, users, etc. you wish to see appear on the schedule. Pipeline remembers your Select choices for each project that you access.

Create a Deliverable

When you’re ready to build a post production task chain for a deliverable, click on Create a Deliverable. See the help section on Creating Deliverables under Post Production. Note that the first time you drag a Post-Production task type to the calendar, you’ll automatically be asked if you want to create a deliverable. 

Select Deliverable and Version

After deliverables have been created, you can toggle which deliverable you want to create tasks for by selecting the radio button for that deliverable. You can further select which version of that Post task you which to create tasks for. Note that the names of each of the pre-defined task types change to include deliverable name and version as you toggle these. 

Choosing Pre-Defined Task Types

All along the bottom half of the left side of the calendars you’ll see the pre-defined task types for your account. You can drag any of these directly to the calendar to schedule this type of task. If you’re in Gantt view, you’ll need to be sure to drag your task type to its corresponding task grouping so that everything stays in its appropriate place as you view the Gantt view. 

To add new pre-defined task types to your account, you’ll need to change your Task Customizations. See the section on Customizing Your Account. 

Gantt View Options

In the upper right, you can choose whether you’d like 10 Day, Month, or Year view in your Gantt calendar. Pipeline will remember your settings for this project after you leave so when you come back that setting will remain the same.