Adding Talent

Adding and Editing Talent – 

Much of adding Talent, is the same as adding Crew. What you can do with the Talent once you’ve added, though, is quite different. 

As you start typing in a Talent name, you’ll have three choices that appear:

  1. Enter whatever name you like to create a Quick Add Talent.
  2. Choose from names in the list to pull talent from your resources (talent you’ve used before).
  3. Choose to Search the Pipeline Network to search and select people in your nearby geographic area to work with. 

Adding Quick Add Talent

Entering any name (Note: you can ONLY enter a First and Last name), will automatically create a Quick Add Talent instance. You’ll not be able to give this person any access to the project (as they don’t really exist in the system yet), but you will be able to track that you’re working with them, and you’ll be able to assign them to shoot days. Unlike crew, talent cannot be assigned to tasks under any access level.

Assigning contact info to Quick Add Talent

After adding your Quick Add Talent, you can click on the info icon “i” next to their name to open up the Quick Add Talent info slider. Here you can add a phone number and email address to help with identifying this person in your call sheets. You can also choose to invite this talent member to the Pipeline Network. 

Inviting a Quick Add Talent Member to the Network

By clicking on Invite at the bottom right of the Crew Information info slider, you’ll send an invitation to this person to join the Pipeline Network. 

Advantages of Joining the Pipeline Network

  • The invitee will now be able to upload all of their pertinent information for your, and other production company’s easy access. 
  • The invitee will have access to mobile shoot day plans on their mobile devices.
  • The invitee will be able to make themselves findable via the Pipeline Search Network for additional work.
  • The invitee will have the option of creating a trial full Pipeline account which will allow you to assign them tasks and to receive other notifications.

Adding Files to Talent

You can drag and drop photos, documents, and movies to any talent instance. Once added, simply click on the files in the inline grid to open a viewer. From the viewer, you can download any of the files.