A Tour of the Project Interface

Be sure to watch the Project Overview guide when you first visit. This is the easiest way to get a handle of all of the features on the Project Overview page. 


On the left, you can see what Account you are in, and what your status is of that account. You can be an Owner, and Admin, a Seat, or simply Crew. These levels are explained in Account Settings.

Under this, you’ll see Dashboard. Click here to go to your Account-Level dashboard. 

Under Dashboard, is Resources. Toggle this down to see your Clients, Crew, Talent, Locations and Archives for all of your Projects.

In the Project section of the dashboard, you’ll see the different sections of your project that you can toggle between. 

Project Header

At the top of the page is the project header. A small turndown arrow to the right of the header allows you access the following:

  • Project Notepad, where you can take notes on your project during pre-production to share with your team
  • Edit Project – where you can edit the start and end dates and the project synopis as well as the Project Avatar
  • Archive Project – where you archive your project when you’re done
  • Delete Project – where you can completely delete your project

Project Status Notes

On the far left of the screen there is a toggle for a drawer that opens to reveal Project Notes. Here, you can add notes about your project that are saved with the date and time, and the name of the person who leaves the note. The latest note is always shown on the Account-Level dashboard for easily giving your quick info about your project.

Inline Entry Boxes

The main part of the page is taken up by inline entry grids that allow you to quickly enter, via keyboard, all of the relevant information to get your project started. All of these boxes work pretty much the same way, but each has its own set of values to choose from. Let’s take them one by one.