Creating a deliverable

Hitting the blue plus button in the top right allows you to create a deliverable. Clicking this button brings up the Add Deliverable modal. This modal allows you to name your deliverable, assign a time in minutes and seconds to the length of the delvierable, and to choose which workflow you’d like to use to create the deliverable. 

There are 3 choices of workflow when creating a deliverable:

  • Add tasks manually to a deliverable
    • This choice creates the deliverable name, and task chain instance, and then allows you to manually add Post Production tasks like Edit, Internal review, etc. to this deliverable.
  • Build Standard Post Schedule
    • This choice brings up a list of choices that allow you to set how many hours you want to allocate to this deliverable, how many client review cycles, and how long the client should have to review your edit cycles. From this infromation, along with the start date, Pipeline will build your edit schedule for you. Of course, you can tweak this schedule at any time. Note, hours of editing will be evenly divided between your edit cycles. I.e., 30hrs of editing would be broken down into 10hrs per edit cycle if you have 3 edit cycles (or reviews with the client). 
  • Build from Template
    • This choice allows you to pull up a previously saved template to create your deliverable task chain. 
    • This choice also allows you to build the deliverable chain either from a start date, or backwards from an end date.