Tour of Day Plan interface

The Day Plan Interface

Along the left side of the Day Plan, you’ll see various elements of your project that you can drag to the grid. The grid itself is divided up by locations. 

Dragging Items to the Day Plan

Any of the items on the left can be dragged to any time on the day grid. Shots, however, will disappear after you add since they can only be added once. Deleting a shot by dragging it off the grid will cause it to reappear on the left. 

Locations On the Day Plan

You can edit elements of the locations on the Day Plan by clicking on a location and opening up its info slider. Here, you can add parking directions, contact info, and more.  You can also remove a location from the Day Plan entirely. Another way to remove a location from a Day Plan is to mark it “Not Required” on the Overview page. 

Shoot Days On the Day Plan

Each Shoot Day you’ve created gets its own Day Plan grid. You can add more shoot days, and edit your Shoot Day info right from the Day Plan. Please note, it is no problem if you have two different teams operating on the same day. You can have two Shoot Days that are actually the same day. 

The Mobile Preview

Clicking open the Mobile Preview from the upper right side will show you a preview of how the Day Plan will look on your team’s mobile phones. The preview is broken up into timeblocks. Timeblocks are based on any event either starting, or ending on the Day Plan grid. If two or more items either start of stop at the same time, it will not create a new time block. Timeblocks include all of the information included on the Day Plan grid.

Timeblocks also include the ability to click through to shots from the Day Plan grid to see what information the shot is composed by. You can see notes and other info for the shot, and you can also mark it completed. Finally, you can see a list of the shots that are assigned for that day.