A Tour of the Budget Interface

Budget is where you can quickly and visually put together a budget for your project using crew, talent and locations that already exist in your account and project. Budget allows you then to easily share this budget in a variety of forms with your client.

The Overall Budget Summary

The overall budget summary shows you all of the project expenses lined up in a stacked bar graph with each category color showing separately. The overall summary updates automatically as you enter information into the expense categories.

Total Budget

You can enter the total estimated budget in the top left corner to help you track against what you’re expecting the client to be able to spend.

Current Expenses

Current Expenses are simply all of the expenses from the different categories added together.

Budget Goal

Goal is a simple slider to keep track of how your expenses and client total cost are tracking against your expected profit goals for tahe project. As you slide the goal left and right, you’ll see your profit goal % and $ amount change in the bottom left of the summary box. The goal will automatically adjust based on the amount set in the Total Budget entry box.

Current Client Total Cost

The Current Client Total Cost takes into account all expenses and all markup as well as any insurance and contingencies.

Insurance & Contingency

You can assign each category to have insurance and contingency %’s applied via this modal. You will have the choice when you export to either show or not show these.

The Budget Categories

Each category has its own subtotal. You can add markup to each category in the markup area right under the category title and graph, or you can add markup individually by each expense line.

See more about adding, editing and deleting expenses in “Adding, Editing, and Deleting Expense Categories


Pipeline comes with a few pre-built templates to get you started. You can choose to start with these, and then update to save your own template, or you can simply start with a blank slate and then use “Save as New…” to create your own templates from scratch.

Budget Access

Account Owners and Admin have access to all account budgets by default. Account members with All-Access to the project can be individually granted access on a per-project basis.

Exporting a Budget

When your budget is ready to share, you can select “Export”. Choose between whether you’d like to export as a .pdf, or an .xls file. Additionally, you can choose to export just a summary single page, or a summary plus line item breakdowns, or even show the markups.