Customize Tasks

By clicking on Tasks on the top Customizations menu, you can add, delete, rearrange, and assign attributes to your pre-defined tasks. By default, Pipeline comes with a set of common pre-defined video production tasks to get you started. Most of these you can delete, or at least rearrange. Some tasks you cannot alter because these tasks are integral to how Pipeline does many things behind the scenes. 

To add a task to a task grouping, simply type in a task type name and hit the blue button. 

To add a new Task Grouping, simply click on the “+ New Task Grouping” at the top and a new grouping box that is unnamed will appear at the bottom the task types.

Each task has the ability to have certain attributes associated with it when the task appears. 

Name Detail

  • This allows a task to have an alternate name. This is very handy for renaming Shoot Days for instance to Interview Day, or Outdoor Shoot.

Has Versions

  • This allows a task to have multiple versions associated with it. This is very handy for things like Storyboards, but not necessary for things like Client Meeting.

Attached to Deliverables

  • This allows a task to be associated with a deliverable directly. This is handy if you want to associate a deliverable with a Storyboard task, or Script task. 

Client Facing

  • This causes a task to show on calendars that are shared from the Schedule pages under the Share Calendar feature.