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Is it possible something as simple as your video production budget could be the difference between getting the job and not? Yes.
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Spend your time creating video masterpieces - not budgets.

We know. Budgeting stinks. What stinks even worse? Not making any profit on a job you killed it (and yourself) on. Pipeline's Budget Builder allows you create repeatable video production budgets in moments, create budget revisions effortlessly, and to visually keep an eye on your profit margin the whole time.

Making more doing what you love is actually as easy as better budgeting.

Budget Fast.

You only win the jobs you have time to bid on. Thanks to templates and xls and .pdf exports, Pipeline makes it easier to go after jobs with way less effort.

Budget carefully.

Budget gotchas are costly and look bad. Pipeline's templates keep you out of trouble, even when you're moving at production speed.

Budget together.

With unlimited users, and access controls, you can get input from team members you want, while keeping out the team members you don't. (Free is single user only.)

You'd be surprised what a big difference a little budgeting app can make...

Read what our users have to say.

On Profitability

``Knowing your numbers is so incredibly important for business owners and this tool does just that.``

On Nailing Jobs

``We've needed fast turn-around on budgets a few times to win jobs this year, and Budget Builder was our secret sauce.``

On Clarity

``Best thing is having clarity on costs, margin and more importantly bloat.``

It's the little things that make the big differences.

Pipeline's Budget Builder
beats spreadsheets with custom
features like...

  • Insurance and contingency calculations.
  • Profit and loss calculated on the fly.
  • Easy, attractive outputs in .pdf and .xls for maximum compatability.
  • Flexible markups allow precise upselling control.

And, Pipeline keeps an eye on profit at all times.

Pipeline profit-goal slider and real-time visuals make staying on target quick and intuitive.

Additionally, Pipeline Budget Builder also provides crew, talent, and location resource management.

Crew Resources

Pipeline provides you with the ability to save all kinds of info about your crew including: preferred roles, rates, and even a place to save important personnel files.

Talent Resources

Pipeline allows you to hang on to critical talent data like audition tapes, resumes, agency info and more.


Make $100's if not $1,000's more on every job with better budgeting. All provided to you free of charge.

Common Objections

But Google Sheets Has Everything I Need

If you really feel that way, then we probably can’t convince you. But if you’re willing to  give Pipeline a try (and why not, it’s free) we think you’ll find that we’re definitely about 50 steps ahead of just creating spreadsheets. And, that you’ll be creating budgets faster, and more accurately with Pipeline and hence getting more jobs and making more money on those jobs.

But You Don't Have Mobile

Our scientists are trying to figure out how to fit a big ass budget on a little phone. When we do, we’ll be the first to have this.

But It's Just a Budgeter - I Need More Tools

You’re in luck! Pipeline is actually building out a suite of tools, many of which are nearly ready for use right now. Reach out to setup a demo.