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StoryChef Media Banks on Budget Builder to Keep Them Profitable

StoryChef Media out of Austin, Texas thrives on creating content that entertains, moves, and engages their audience - but they also make a big deal of being on-time, and on-budget. StoryChef offers everything from branded films to to testimonials and they use Budget Builder to maximize profit, and delight customers.

We’re talking to:

James Headrick Producer/Owner
StoryChef Media

What's the biggest improvement your team has seen since moving to Pipeline's Budget Builder?

``It's so much easier for me to price out a job with the budget builder. Before using the budget builder, I was using an excel spreadsheet to run costs and calculate the costs. Now I have a clear window into what costs are going into a project. The categories and sub-categories of project line items are well thought out and make it simple to make adjustments as project scopes change or for when a client needs to trim back on something.``

What's your favorite Budget Builder feature?

``Being able to track profitability for each line item of our budgets. This helps us have visibility into the overall project profits, as well as balancing profitability across pre-production, production, and post.``

Do you feel Budget Builder has helped your team get more jobs?

``Absolutely - It's given me the ability to confidently and quickly adjust numbers around a client's target budget.``

Do you feel that Budget Builder has helped you get better compensated for you and your team's work?

``Yep! I have a high degree of certainty that our projects will be profitable when we send a quote.``

Would you recommend Budget Builder to other production companies and agencies?

``Absolutely - knowing your numbers is so incredibly important for business owners and this tool does just that.``

Make $100's if not $1,000's more on every job with better budgeting. All for the cost of a couple cups of coffee a month. At $9.99/mo, you literally cannot lose.