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Pipeline's Speed and Accuracy Gets Moment Jobs

Moment is a small production house that is out to change the world one idea, one film, one action at a time. Since they're almost always out shooting, Pipeline helps keep them scoring jobs while in the field.

We’re talking to:

Chris Donaldson
Partner, Moment Films

What's the biggest improvement your team has seen since moving to Pipeline's Budget Builder?

``Clarity on margin and speed at which we can budget jobs and get numbers to client.``

What's your favorite Budget Builder feature?

``Template feature - no need to start from scratch each time. Plus the profit goal slider - so we understand margin. Ignore this at your peril!``

Do you feel Budget Builder has helped your team get more jobs?

``Pipeline 100% helps us get more jobs. I was once on a shoot and needed to get out 3 budgets that day, too. Pipeline helped us nab them all.``

Do you feel that Budget Builder has helped you get better compensated for you and your team's work?

``100% Pipeline has helped us to get better compensated. It comes down to knowing your margin, margin, margin.``

Would you recommend Budget Builder to other production companies and agencies?


Make $100's if not $1,000's more on every job with better budgeting. All for the cost of a couple cups of coffee a month. At $9.99/mo, you literally cannot lose.