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Hand Crank Films Relies on Pipeline to Keep Their Budgets Lean

Hand Crank Films of the Pacific Northwest specializes in films that persuade viewers with an emotionally compelling angle. They've won every award in the book and are truly experts in making viewers laugh, cry, and think their way through their client's stories.

We’re talking to:

Caleb Young
Creative Director/Producer

What's the biggest improvement your team has seen since moving to Pipeline's Budget Builder?

``Having clarity on costs, margin and more importantly bloat.``

What's your favorite Budget Builder feature?

``I love the ability to add a percentage on top of hard cost. Makes it easier to know where you need to be for client and still make what you need.``

Do you feel Budget Builder has helped your team get more jobs?

``Not really, but gives us confidence what what it will cost.``

Do you feel that Budget Builder has helped you get better compensated for you and your team's work?

``Pipeline allows us to bring on more crew or pay a little more based on how we are doing within the budget.``

Would you recommend Budget Builder to other production companies and agencies?

``Yes. It’s easy to use. From the first time I used it, it was smooth, intuitive and effective.``

Make $100's if not $1,000's more on every job with better budgeting. All for the cost of a couple cups of coffee a month. At $9.99/mo, you literally cannot lose.