Video Production Project Management Software for Budgeting.Scheduling.Callsheets.Contracts.

Pipeline is the business-first solution to video production management for your entire team.


We help production companies create and manage growth - sanely.


We help agencies create, or better manage, a new revenue center.


We give in-house a base of operations within their organization.

Video Production Project Management Software With All the Features

Pipeline creates and manages your video project schedules, budgets, contracts, tasks and more all through one simple, user-friendly interface. And, Pipeline is a fit for all kinds of different sized organizations.

Company Level: Organize Your Video Project Pipeline, Stay Up-to-Date

At the highest level, Pipeline rolls up your entire company’s production pipeline into a single page. You can manage the different phases of your video productions, keep an eye on the status of tasks and more. No more struggling to figure out what the status is on your different projects. No more wondering who is on top of what.

Project Level: Tasks, Budgets, Deliverables, Chat, & Crew, Talent and Location Status all Roll Up in One Location

For each project, you and your team have a one-page location to manage your video’s tasks schedule, budget, crew, talent and location status and more. Because Pipeline doesn’t charge for additional users, you can have have as many people as you like as part of your team. You can also control multiple levels of access for things like budgets and contracts.

Resource Pools: Build Your Company with Crew, Talent, Client, and Location Resources

Pipeline comes standard with the ability to create and manage your video production’s crew, talent, and location resources for repeated use on all of your projects. Save everything from releases to audition videos for everyone your company does business with.

Task Management: Build Custom Workflows, Manage Complex Deliverables

Only Pipeline offers a video production task management system capable of creating and replicating complex workflows – including multi-deliverable management and tracking.

Film Budgeting: Visually Track Expenses and Profit Goals

Pipeline’s unique visual budgeting tool provides you with an easy and fast way to create complex video production budgets and share them with your team and clients.

$29.00/mo/Single User, $39.00/mo/Unlimited Users

Here's What People Are Saying

Pipeline really hits that sweet spot...helping manage ALL the steps involved from creative to final delivery.

Excellent team!!! 🏆

The main way Pipeline has helped us grow our business…
…is, honestly, just organizing our business.”

I love Pipeline 😍
Cole HeilbornePortside Productions

The industry has been waiting for this for a long time.

Awesome work!
Wes WagesArmosa

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