Spend Your Time Shooting

You’re being asked to do more than ever.
Pipeline, the all-in-one video production
manager, allows you to spend your time
shooting, not doing paperwork.

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Dynamic Callsheets

When your plans change, your sheets change.

  • Dynamically generated callsheets are prepared in seconds based on your crew, talent, locations, and shotlist.
  • Utilize traditional .pdf output or mobile views.
  • Update Day Plans with drag & drop ease.
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Inline Entry Shotlists

Create complex shotlists quickly and elegantly.

  • No more endless boxes to click through.
  • Create and update shotlists just like a spreadsheet.
  • Quickly share elegantly presented shotlists with your crew and clientele.
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Visuals on Budget

You’ve never seen numbers like this before.

  • Visually based expense management allows you to build budgets you can track at a glance.
  • Integrated with your crew, talent, and location information.
  • Utilizes templates for quick-entry and easy sharing with clientele.
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Produce More, Better

Pipeline is about more than just software. We’re dedicated to helping people like you learn how to produce projects more easily, effectively, and with better collaboration than ever before. Follow our regular blog posts to not only find out about our latest releases, but to stay on top of best practices, tech trends, and more.